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Individual Bios:

Name: Derek J. Ault

Hair Color: Frizzy brown

Eye Color: Red

Height: I'm tall enough to ride most roller coasters

Weight: skinny-ass white boy

Instrument: gitar

Other Instrument:  speculum, forceps

Former Band(s): "Smashed Infant" (punk band)

"Gelatinous Ass" (metal), "My Sister's Panties" (I don't know how to describe that one)

Favorite Junk Food: trans fats

Most Embarassing Moment In Viceroy: Taking a leak at

the studio with a live mike in the bathroom.

When I grow up I wanna be: a kid.

Favorite Band: This band from Australia with a

certain pint-sized guitar picker.

Song I wish I'd written: Happy Birthday! (royalties!)

What I like about...

Nick: When he loans me guitars

Scotty: He makes the announcements at our gigs.

Joey: That hair!
Best Viceroy song to "get some" to: Yer Gonna Have To YELL It!  (For obvious reasons!)